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Why Donate To Boredomfighters?


Thanks so much for your interest in donating to Boredomfighters! We are a nonprofit dedicated to helping today's underserved young people get access to modern music education. 

We #helpkidsmakebeats.

We do so by:
• providing free music production workshops to schools, camps, community centers, etc

• hosting a yearly immersive camp that kids attend on scholarship teaching them about creating music with modern tools and sharing that with the world
• setting up studio installations at festivals for families to create together 
• offering free long term one on one mentorship to help underserved young people craft their sound

We currently have Chapters in Fort Collins, Denver, Detroit, and Baltimore who focus on building educator bases and developing long term relationships with spaces who have access to underserved youth in rural and inner city areas. 

Our programming is dedicated to music empowerment.

We believe that:
- no sound is a bad sound
- everything is an instrument
- access to music making tools can help us find purpose, collaboration, community, and a vehicle for expressing/comprehending our feelings for sustained optimistic mental health 


Your donation goes towards:

- scholarships and free gear for underserved young people who are identified to use this knowledge for good 

- paying educators and administrators to organize and coordinate our efforts

Thank you for considering supporting our mission.
Monthly or yearly pledges are always encouraged for us to have sustained recurring income.

Sponsorships: If you have a brand or are interested in sponsorship, please let us know and we can discuss ways to help make it known that you are supporting us if you wish. 



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