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“The Instrument Garden is a universe of infinite possibility.”

- An Instrument Gardener
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The Boredomfighters movement was started by a group of music producers, festival throwers, and educators who found themselves in the campgrounds of music festivals setting up immersive studios called “The Instrument Garden” and making music purely out of the noises in the environment, building collaborations with total strangers.

One day our founder was invited to bring the Garden to a school and everything changed…

The way kids lit up from having access to modern music making tools and knowledge about the music industry was enough to inspire the life into what is now a fully functioning nonprofit operating in schools across the US.

The Instrument Garden now exists in many forms...





The Workshop

Our entire organization is based around our flagship offering, The Instrument Garden Workshop.

A 1-2 hour workshop in which our “Good Producers” guide groups through the process of:

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Making beats with digital tools and the organic sounds of the environment
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Recording melodies on traditional instruments (and not-so-traditional instruments)
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Writing original vocals and speaking your truth
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Releasing your music to the world and collaborating with friends



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Our Good Producers provide personalized 1on1 mentorship over Zoom to low income kids who are ignited by our workshops and want to dive deeper into their sound.



Camp Boredomfighters

Our whole team produces a week long Instrument Garden Workshop for an immersive camp retreat experience in the mountains for a group of 30 kids every year. A partnership with YMCA Camp Shady Brook.

Now offering Discovery and Advanced music production camps!

Reserve a spot for your child:



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An immersive studio space and performance platform to add to your next festival or event. Watch magic unfold as event goers collaborate with other musicians from the festival.


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Studio Online

Our team has partnered with Gregery Miller,  an illustrator from Netflix’s “The Midnight Gospel” to create an animated universe for a 50 video series that walks young people through the process of producing their own music, building their artistry, and launching their music projects. The characters you meet on this site come from the Instrument Garden Universe.

The video series comes with a Web User Interface for young people to log in and keep track of their progress on the curriculum, get feedback from Good Producers, and self serve themselves the knowledge they seek.


It will live online at zero cost to the world, as well as installed on computers at free studio spaces that we set up in community centers worldwide. 


The video series is currently in production. Join the waitlist to help Beta test the curriculum and stay up to date on its progress!



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The Venue

Our long term goal with this project is to create a real life immersive Instrument Garden Camp and Venue Space.

A space for people to dive into the infinite universe of creating music and art, or honing in their craft of producing events and festivals. A jungle of midi keyboards fused with the trees, workshops in greenhouse dome studios, and concerts for the community by the community. 

The Boredomfighters Mission is rooted in much more than just the production of music. We believe that event production is a vessel for the music makers, the creators, the entrepreneurs, and the intergenerational wisdom of a community to mold together and find purpose in each other’s talents. 

We’re determined to create a venue that we can shape over time by continuously blending permaculture values with artful creation, teaching the next generation about what creative pathways are available to them in the modern day.

We are actively searching for land and partnerships to create a space like this in rural Michigan. If you want to help bring this vision to life or have any leads to an ideal property, reach out!

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