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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

What we do


In the Instrument Garden, everyone has a super power and everything is an instrument.

Children face a wide variety of barriers to feeling safe and included when expressing their uniqueness.

It’s our mission to create environments where people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexes, ages, abilities, gender identities, and religions can come together to create with respect and excitement!


Here are some of the ways that we go the extra mile in creating inclusive and equitable spaces in our community:

To encourage diversity, we make camp accessible to kids who otherwise would not be able to attend. In the last 3 years, 30% of our students at Camp Boredomfighters attended at no charge or at a reduced cost thanks to fundraisers and partnerships.


All of our year-round staff engage in professional development regarding implicit bias, harassment and how to combat them.


To promote diversity among staff, our jobs are made public on wide networks that are easily accessible. Our payroll, and related admin processes have been reviewed and updated to remove any barriers to entry for prospective staff members. We also developed an interview process that strives to remove implicit bias in evaluating applicants by using standardization and transparency. Join our team


We stand behind and support the ability of campers to use bathroom facilities and pronouns that align with their gender identity.


Our website and camp content were reviewed by an external diversity and inclusion consultant to help us identify any blindspots and to help us affirmatively signal our intention to be a place where all campers feel safe and included.


At camp, we will not tolerate any bullying or any other behavior that could cause children, staff or parents to feel physically or emotionally unsafe. In addition to staff training and monitoring camper and staff behavior, we also moderate digital projects created at camp by children and staff for potential unsafe or offensive content.


Our local Directors are encouraged to bring camp activities and/or invest their time in supporting children in their local communities who are not able to attend camp for socio-economic reasons. We also strive to donate leftover materials and supplies at the end of the summer to community organizations or schools.


For 40 years, we have been champions of children discovering and expressing their true selves by creating a liberating environment that puts them in charge. We remove adult judgment from the equation and strive to create an environment where children feel included and safe. We commit to expanding our efforts year over year on the endless quest to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive camp.



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