The Instrument Garden

Capturing the creative energy of a live environment like never before.

Consider it like an audible photo album of your favorite events.

The instrument garden is an mobile production studio installation that travels from festival to festival. We precisely set up instruments and music producers in a high traffic area away from the stages and invite patrons, headliners, staff, and all souls on site to join in on an open creative jam. When the creative juices are flowing, our producers take individuals into our isolated studio space to record and make tracks on the spot. Along with recordings from the ambient sounds of the festival, the end result is an album containing purely vibes and sounds captured within that festival environment. This enables us to relive our favorite festival moments, learn from each other, and truly embrace the art of the collaboration.

Sonic Bloom 2017 - Spanish Peaks Country, CO

Arise 2017 - Loveland, CO

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

SubOctave - Houston, MN

Oregon Eclipse Gathering - Big Summit Prairie, OR