Conferences + Retreats

Bring your patrons together and capture the sounds of your event like never before.  

Every booking puts us in more schools with little to no art budget

The Boredomfighters Foundation strives in bringing people together through music creation. 
We specialize in offering a variety of music workshops, mobile studios, instruments, and performances to retreats and conferences of any size. 


Here's our recap from RAD Summit in Deckers, CO where we:

- Hosted (2) 1.5 hour workshops that went over making beats, creating melodies, singing, and songwriting
- Wrote 3 songs together with the group purely from noises recorded that weekend
- Hosted open jams for the community to play together
- Shot a music video with the main song written during the workshops
- Performed for them at the Saturday costume party

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I was lucky enough to join the Boredomfighters in their Instrument Garden at RAD Summit 2019. I walked into the garden and found a group of adults tinkering with instruments they had just picked up for the first time. Tyler welcomed me to the beginning of my life as a DJ. I immediately felt safe to explore what was always just a dream. With Tyler's guidance and support, we created a song together by mixing nascent sounds, beats and lyrics. It was a beautiful reflection of the time in the woods with incredible people and wise trees. That day I realized again that music is my heart's calling. I'll never forget my first time in the Instrument Garden. 

~Adrienne Klum, Google