Capture the sounds and creative energy of your event like never before.

Consider it an "audible photo album" of your event.

The Boredomfighters Foundation started in the festival industry. The team consists of festival producers and music producers who started by sampling the sounds of festivals and creating tracks with the patrons in the campgrounds.

We now offer music workshops & a mobile studio installation where patrons can come by to create, learn, and connect with their community through music exploration.


Imagine a space at your event where headliners, patrons, and everyone in between can collaborate together and wrap up the weekend with a track or sometimes even a whole EP!

Featured at:
ARISE, Sonic Bloom, SubOctave, One Vibration, Jumpsuit Family Gathering, Oregon Eclipse, Boredomfest, Boulder Music Festival


This summer, I had the honor of getting to know and working with Tyler Manning and his uniquely curated Instrument Garden. This one of a kind, and professionally run mobile recording studio added an interactive musical experience to our festival for audiophile lovers and music newbies alike!


The garden is lead by a team of passionate, creative, and positively uplifting individuals. It is sure to help create a fun and educational addition to any event, while leaving you with content unique to your event to enjoy for years to come. 


- Sarah Brown, One Vibration Music Festival