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Bring workshops and instruments to 1000 underserved communities

We empower those who need it the most

We believe every community can benefit greatly from the cultural enhancement that comes through sharing the arts. We’ve witnessed the direct quality of life improvements when people felt empowered to create. 


Instrument Garden

A mobile production studio full of musical toys and digital noise to capture the creative energy and sound of a space for the community to experience for a lifetime. This allows everyone from the most novice noisemaker to the most expert earbenders a place to learn and experience music creation together.

Creation Workshops
The Garden is often accompanied by a series of workshops from a diverse team and special guest educators that help guide you through the music creation process. You will often find workshops about music production, instrument training, creative songwriting sessions, and a wide range of courses dependent on the audience.

"The parents are telling us the kids haven't set their instruments down since they left camp. Some kids actually left all their luggage at camp because they were so excited to play with the instrument that was donated to them after camp."


Sonny Adkins, YMCA Camp Shady Brook

"The kids loved it. The impact of them believing that they can write their own lyrics has definitely carried over into their literacy and creative output."


Sade Cooper, Stedman Elementary School